Katalon Studio Tutorial – Best Free Katalon Studio Training Tutorial | Beginner To Advanced Level

Katalon Studio Tutorial

In this Free Katalon Studio training tutorial, we cover all concepts in detail with easy to understand practical examples. This Katalon Studio Tutorial is helpful for beginners to advanced level users.

Katalon Studio Tutorial – Katalon Studio is a comprehensive toolset for the web and mobile app automation testing. This tool includes a full package of powerful features that help overcome common challenges in web UI test automation, for example, pop-up, iFrame, and wait-time. This user-friendly and versatile solution help testers test better, work faster, and launch high-quality software thanks to the intelligence it provides to the entire test automation process.

Katalon Studio Tutorial – Table of Content

  • Introduction To Katalon Studio
    • Key Features of Katalon Studio
    • Hands-on with Katalon Studio
    • Katalon Studio Workflow
    • Why Choosing Katalon Studio Over Selenium
    • Why Choosing Katalon Studio Over QTP/UFT or Test Complete
  • Katalon Studio Installation
  • First Katalon Studio Automation Script
  • Handle Drag and Drop with Katalon Studio
  • Testing Mobile Apps using Katalon Studio and Kobiton Cloud-Based Device Farm
  • Simple Mobile Automation Testing with Katalon Studio
  • What Makes Katalon Studio Powerful Than Other Selenium Frameworks
  • Katalon Studio – Quick Start
  • Configure Katalon Studio for the Web automation test project
  • Katalon Studio GUI Overview
  • Setting up Mobile automation project in Windows
  • Setting up Mobile automation project in macOS
  • Setting up API testing project
  • Common validation statements with Katalon Studio
  • Creating test case using script mode
  • Creating test case using manual mode
  • Creating test case using Web Recorder utility
  • Creating test case using Record and Playback
  • Common Condition and Control statements with Katalon Studio
  • How To Solve Common Test Automation Problems Using Katalon Studio
  • Viewing Test Suite Reports
  • Executing in Console Mode
  • Viewing Execution Logs
  • Debugging Test Case
  • Executing Test Case
  • Automation testing of Shadow DOM elements
  • Detecting Elements with XPath
  • Solving Pop-up Dialog Issue
  • Handling iFrame issue
  • Solving Common Issue – Wait-time
  • A Sample Web Automation Test Project
  • Handling Drag and Drop Testing
  • How to Perform Database Testing
  • Data Driven Testing Approach
  • How to Create a Custom Keyword
  • How to Import External Library into your Automation Project
  • Katalon Studio Integration with Jira Overview
  • How to Integrate Katalon with Kobiton
  • How to Setup the Integration with Jenkins and other CI tools
  • Top 3 Selenium IDE Alternatives for Firefox And Chrome
  • How to setup the integration between Katalon Studio and GIT
  • Discover the brand-new Katalon Studio’s Smart XPath Generator
  • Getting started with Cucumber BDD for Automation Testing

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